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Level 3 Certification

Cornerstone Premium Foods has implemented programs as an increasing emphasis has been placed on the importance of good manufacturing practices (GMP), training, cleaning, and all other aspects of a recognized food safety program. Numerous standards have been developed, including HACCP and SQF, which strive to ensure the highest quality and safety of products being produced.  Cornerstone Premium Foods is working towards achieving SQF, Level 3 certification (food safety and quality) during the first quarter of 2017.

Our Facility

The company has spent months upgrading its facility to meet or exceed the SQF standard. Included in these upgrades were renovated and improved storage areas, processing areas, floors, ceilings, drains, ventilation, and equipment storage areas. Additional, hands-free sanitizing stations were added and all of the cleaning and maintenance equipment was upgraded to the latest color-coded, food-grade standard. In addition, as part of the SQF system, the company performs frequent microbiological testing to validate the effectiveness of the cleaning program.  An SQF qualified food safety professional was brought in to take control of the program and manage it through to completion. Under his direction, rigorous documented controls have been developed and put into practice, including a training program for staff, shipping and receiving logs, internal audit procedures, cleaning, confirmation, and validation programs, as well as a complete food traceability program.

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